60 min, Documentary

For NIGHTWANDERERS the filmteam lived six weeks in a caravan on a german trucksstop and portrayed stranded people by night. In the visual style of Edward Hopper the film is a floating through brief encounters in a neonlight atmosphere: One is looking for sex and finds his past. One sings about the love of his life, another one looses money and the next prepares himself for the civil war. A kaleidoscopic view into an in-between-microcosm.

Night makes people and objects more beautiful, makes faces shine, trucks glitter, fires flicker, lights sparkle. Night exposes raw and unadorned stories. Night is the time to look at them, study them and compose them into a genre picture of German outsiders. Depicting the loneliness of an elderly gay man who can’t out himself because his brother did it first and already brought grief to their catholic family. We are waiting with a hitchhiker who makes music to pass the hours of waiting. We see stressed men playing gambling machines, simple women in shops that sell sex, outdoor fans who – for the sake of wife and daughter – are afraid of refugees, and a former female bus driver, cheerful in a wheelchair today. Sparks of life that flare up, raw, close and precise. While all the while a highway bridge is being strenuously demolished.
Saskia Walker, DOK Leipzig

Director: Benjamin Rost
Cinematography: Leonhard Kaufmann
Editor: Janina Kaltenböck
Producer: Lennart Lenzing

60 min, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg


63. DOKLeipzig - International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
26. dokumentART Film Festival